Weird and Wonderful Social Media Facts

Here are a selection of the most astonishing and mind-boggling facts and figures the world of social media has provided us with this year!

In this digital age every click, like, follow and impression is measured and recorded. As well as being really useful for businesses and marketers the data is also very entertaining, take a look:

Jakarta, Indonesia is the top tagged location in Instagram stories. (Hubspot, 2018)

There are over 95million photos uploaded to Instagram each day. (Brandwatch, 2019).

Pizza is the most popular Instagram food, followed by sushi and steak. (Brandwatch, 2019).

As of May 2018, the longest Snapchat streak is 1,120 snaps. (Hubspot, 2018)

This tweet by Kylie Jenner cost Snapchat USD $1.3billion in February last year. Shares in the company fell by 7.2% as her 24 million followers began to agree with her.

She did follow up with this tweet to soften the blow.

Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers followed by Justin Bieber. (Statitsa, 2018)

The average CEO has 930 LinkedIn connections (Brandwatch, 2019)
Founded in 2002, LinkedIn didn’t make a profit until 2006! (Brandwatch, 2019).
Microsoft bought LinkedIn for USD$26.2billion in 2016. This is Microsofts largest acquisition to date! (Brandwatch, 2019).
The most represented industry on LinkedIn is Information and Technology Services (Brandwatch, 2019).

There are an estimated 270million fake Facebook profiles (Brandwatch, 2019).

The most popular page on Facebook is Facebook’s main page with 204.7m likes. The most liked non-Facebook owned page is Christiano Ronaldo’s with 122.6m. (Brandwatch, 2019).

There is an average 40,000 search queries every second on Google (Brandwatch, 2019).
Google has answered 450 billion unique queries since 2003 (Brandwatch, 2019).
By 2014, Google had indexed over 130,000,000,000,000 (130 trillion) web pages (Brandwatch, 2019).
There are so many searches made on Google that Google’s data centre uses 0.01% of worldwide electricity! There are plans to try to cut this by 15% using AI (Brandwatch, 2019).